M STEEL CZ – metalworking, engineering and locksmith production

  • The company was founded in 2008 as Ltd. and from the beginning was focused mainly on custom metalworking with a focus on precision laser cutting of metallurgical materials according to previous work experience of the executive head of the company in the field of engineering technology and complete sheet metal processing
  • 2009 - laser cutting production extended by locksmith services and welding
  • 2010 - focus on engineering production and extension of our technologies by chip and CNC machining
  •  2011 - complete production of cut pieces and weldments

Modern technology

The company has currently the following key technologies:

  1. precision laser cutting of metal sheets and metallurgical materials
  2. bending on press brakes
  3. locksmith and metalworking including a complete welding of steel and stainless materials
  4. engineering production and system assembly
  5. complete chip CNC machining of cut pieces, turning and milling

Our primary goal is the supply of cut pieces, weldments, machined parts and mechanical assemblies to the required time and quality. Because we want to work and we are very young team, the word „flexibility” is crucial for us and we do our best for successful completion of the contract and the subsequent satisfaction of our customers.

New operating hall

With regard to technology and customer demand we have started the necessary steps to build a new operating hall with all the technical necessities. This is the construction on the "green field" in the region of Podebrady – Sokoleč.

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Phone: 325 512 352
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